Reiki Three


REIKI LEVEL 3                

 Will be offered at a later visit            This two-day workshop you will  provide the Attunements and Sacred tools needed to become a master of Reiki. As well as receiving and attuning to a higher vibration of energy, you will be shown the sacred way of passing the gift of giving Reiki by learning to attune others.This 12hr comprehensive training incorporates different kinds of meditation, partner work, sharing circles, lectures and two complete, chakra balancing, Reiki attunements. Students will recieve a certificate and note book to keep for their personal or professional practice.                          

Rate $425 for Reiki Level Three individually, $400 when rigistering for Raising The Vibration or a Private session with Mitra

Registration Contact Kristin Welch 206.271.7662

CEU’s? Up to 12hrs can be obtained in accordance with WAC 246-830-475  SubSection 2; For the purposes of this chapter, continuing education is defined as any of the following activities that involve direct application of massage therapy knowledge, skills, and business practices: (f) Specialized training. Training must be provided for a fee by an individual who has no less than three years of expertise in that area.                    


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