Group Acupuncture ~ 2015

yin-yang1Group Acupuncture will be offered during Mitra’s 2015 visit at Raising The Vibration workshops Oct 17th at Aditi Yoga

Influenced by traditional acupuncture clinics, receiving acupuncture in a group raises the frequency of the energy field and invites deeper healing individually and collectively. Before one is invited to participate in a group session, each participant meets with Mitra for a private interview session to gather information about their state of being.

The group session can take place over a 3-4 hour period. Individual sessions are 1.25-1.5 hours, with participants scheduled in 30 minute intervals. Mitra meets with each person for a consultation and nutrition guidance, and then guides them into the group space to receive the treatment. At a certain point, there may be 4-6 people receiving healing simultaneously, creating a powerful energy field.

For more information about Mitra’s international practice                                   go to


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